From 32 Inches to 65 Inches LED ranges are available in different categories as following:

♦ Simple LED: 32″, 39″, 40″, 49″, 50″, 55″, 65″
♦ SMART LED: 32″, 39″, 40″, 49″, 50″

Almost all major formats playability is available in all models, somehow if some format is not been supported by LED, please try same format with other codec.

HD ready is 720p (1 mega pixel), FHD is 1080p (2 mega pixel) and UHD is 2160p (8 Mega pixel).

Usually 1 USB but some models have more than 1 USB, please visit

Usually all models have USB, HDMI, VGA, Component in, AV in, for any specific feature in any specific model please visit
Smart TV is equipped with Android Operating system that allows you to surf internet and different apps on TV.
Please use HDMI port or AV ports for this purpose.
Please call after sale center so they can facilitate you.
Please check your signal input cables, if still happening, please log a complaint.
Yes, all models come with wall mount and table top stand FOC.


MZEE is the World’s top selling brand and globally acclaimed No. 1 product manufacturing company in the field of electronics. It is widely known for its performance and durability. MZEE AC provides complete capacity in Air conditioners; the build material is of high quality with cutting edge technology and astounding designs which makes MZEE Air conditioner to be listed among the most preferred brand in the market.

MZEE Inverter AC’s are equipped with DC Compressor. MZEE’s chip is specially designed to control the speed of compressor according to the set temperature, ambient temperature and other variables. Once it reaches the set temperature the compressors comes down to low ampere consumption. As MZEE is of full capacity unit so it achieves the set temp very soon and comes to low ampere. Whereas, other units which are widely available in the market are under capacity, they take longer time to achieve the set temperature.

It is very difficult to measure the electricity units’ consumption as there are many variables which depend upon it. But if INVERTER and FIXED SPEED, same capacity of units are installed in same type of rooms, MZEE Inverter will surly save up to 70% energy.

No, Circuit Breakers do not come with the unit. Consumers have to buy a good quality breaker themselves.

♦ Compressor warranty is of 5 years and parts 1 year.
♦ Company representative will visit even if the warranty period is over but visit would be covered under service/visit charges.

YES, all WALL mount Air Conditioner comes with an Installation kit. With Floor standing units, customer has to purchase the Installation kit separately. With MZEE you can have silver pipe kit. There is no complain so far for this kit, and customer can use it without any worry.
If air filters, drain pipe or anyone of them are badly chocked, water will definitely come out from the indoor unit. To avoid being in such a condition, always clean air filters and check for drain pipe periodically. If the problem still persists, please register a complain at our service center.
No, company does not have any exchange policy as such.
The refrigerant’s (GAS) warranty is covered for 3 months if the Unit is installed by Authorized Installer. If it’s not installed by authorized installer, customer cannot claim the warranty of GAS leakage from company.
There are no discounts offered by the company as such, however MZEE launch different campaigns in which discounts and other offers are provided so that our valuable customers can be benefitted by them.

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